Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan started as a still photographer in the late 1970’s. After studying and working for Steve Frink Underwater Photography in Key Largo, Florida, Tom returned back to the Washington/Baltimore area, where he became team photographer for the Baltimore Orioles, Washington Bullets/Wizards, and the Washington Capitals. Tom also spent several years in the same capacity with the Baltimore Ravens, and the Baltimore Thunder Soccer team. He also established a complete photography/video department at the Baltimore Zoo.
It was at the zoo where Tom produced a groundbreaking video documentary and shooting techniques for a medical research project. The venture involved a dramatic medical research procedure on in-vitro fertilization technique for the endangered monkey called the Lion Tail Macaque. At that time it was groundbreaking work. From that beginning, Tom started Sullivan Productions, a video development company. His clients included all three Baltimore network stations, as well as, ESPN Sports, and numerous corporate/commercial clients. Additional production included many production clips for numerous cable stations and He has provided numerous video clips for CBS, ABC and NBC, as well as PBS and National Geographic.
He has produced documentaries for the University of Wisconsin on the extremely rare Cotton-Top Tamarin in the Columbian rain-forests of South American. The project was funded by World Wildlife Fund, National Science Foundation and National Geographic. Tom has directed both live and live to tape.national , local, and regional television shows

In the last twenty-four months, additional projects have included teaching seminars on video production and DSLR cameras. Clients include: Canon Camera, the Federal National Park Service, ECS Engineering, Penn Camera, VisArts and the specialized United States Marine Corp Combat Video Unit. Tom has created commercials and PSAs for the National Park Service, Penn Camera, Wheeler Automotive Group, Moscow Ballet and the Westminster Ballet Theatre just to name a few. He just finished work as director, producer and editor for the National PBS television series “Moneywise”. This is the first studio show entirely produced with Canon’s 5D Mark II DSLR cameras.

Tom’s unique, well-rounded creative expertise has placed him near the top of the creative communications profession. His technical expertise is in high demand and he is currently working on several documentaries and training projects. Recent work has included a two-day training seminar for the United States Marine Corps Combat Video Unit at the Pentagon, developing eco-educational workshops for non-profit environmental organizations, conducting staff video production for a Washington National Lobby Group. Another current project involves the development of a dramatic documentary exploring the struggles of homeless addicted military veterans in a Baltimore city shelter.